The 'Barbie' movie is a breakaway hit closing in on a billion dollars across the globe, which makes it even crazier to think that it is being suppressed in certain places and still making all this money.

Barbie was supposed to debut in Saudi Arabia on July 19th, but has now been delayed until August 31st. While there has not been an official statement why, it's resumed that the country is negotiating with Warner Brothers to remove some LGBTQ+ dialogue and allusions within scenes.

Right now, it seems like WB won't make these cuts, which could cause the banning of the film in Saudi Arabia as well as other Middle East territories like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Egypt.

It's not that surprising that a movie as subversive as Barbie can ruffle feathers this way, but it is disappointing.

We'll keep you updated on any final rulings.