With the Ronin-S from DJI we are getting closer and closer to a true "one mule team" stabilizer, where a single operator could conceivably operate, frame, and pull focus with a variety of mirrorless cameras.

Launching with support for the GH5/S, it requires growing new brain power, but it's very doable. However, filmmakers working with non-supported camera systems, or working with manual focus lenses that need external control, were initially out of luck.

With the latest batch of accessories from DJI that is set to change, because new focus control and mounting options make the Ronin-S platform more flexible than before.

Focus_motor_3Credit: DJI

The standout from this release is the follow focus system for working with manual lenses.  Combining a rod system, a motor, a control knob (that also controls automatic lenses), and zip style clamp on rings for lenses that don't have teeth, this will open up follow focus ability to many who previously could only afford to rent systems. 

Remote focus control is one of the major hurdles to getting really impressive stabilized shots, and this should offer filmmakers a real competitive option.


Another exciting release is the universal mount for the Ronin-S, allowing filmmakers who want to work with the stabilizer hard mounted an option. Utilizing a power adapter and offering 1/4-20" and threaded holes, this is going to be popular for users who want to strap their Ronin-S to a car mount or something like a segway.


Additionally, there is a new control module that allows for interfacing with the Ronin and changing items such as motor parameters, without having to link it to your smartphone.

This will make it easier to calibrate your shot perfectly, especially when time is tight.  It comes with a daylight readable screen and mounts in between the focus knob and the body. DJI will also start selling the pistol grip optionally separately, allowing users to buy extra grips as batteries in order to shoot continuously and swap them out.


Check out the Ronin-S and the wide variety of accessories, available November 21.

Accessory Launch Prices:

  • Focus Motor: $169 USD
  • Focus Motor Rod Mount: $20 USD
  • Focus Gear Strip: USD $20 USD
  • Command Unit: $129 USD
  • BG37 Battery Grip: $99 USD
  • Top Hotshoe Bracket: $49 USD
  • Extended Lens Support: $20 USD
  • External GPS Module: $69 USD
  • Universal Mount: $179 USD