After more than 25 years, DPReview was to be shuddered by Amazon, its parent company, without any forethought on how the site's content would be archived or supported.

It was a blow to the digital photography community, from which DPReview got its name. 

Today’s announcement changes all of that as Gear Patrol, a site for product reviews, guides, and how-to’s, has acquired DPReview from the mega-corporation. 

So, what’s changing, how is Gear Patrol, and what will happen to everything we thought was lost?

We have some answers. 

What Is Gear Patrol?

According to its site, Gear Patrol is the definitive buying guide for gearheads with experts who review and curate the best in cars, tech, home, outdoors, style, and watches.

With the DPReview acquisition, it seems the team behind GP will be expanding its audience to more than just those in that niche tech-savvy community.

What’s Next?

As of this article, the acquisition has been finalized, and DPReview is now under the control of Gear Patrol. 

Thankfully, DPReview user accounts have been transferred to Gear Patrol and can now be accessed once more. However, GP’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will not govern all DPReview content, so if you’re part of the nine percent of people who read those and don’t like what you see, you can always cancel your account here.

DPReview TeamDPReview team left to right: Min Joon So, Brendan Nystedt, Dale Baskin, Josh Hays, Richard Butler, Vladimir Bobov, Scott Everett.Credit: DPReview

According to the announcement, the Gear Patrol editorial, tech, and business team is moving forward with DPReview and plan to offer the same content we’ve been getting for the past 25 years.

While all editorial coverage and site features will remain the same (with access to all historical content), Gear Patrol is planning on evolving DPReview based on customer feedback and the rapidly changing state of the publishing industry.

Is This Still DPReview?

As of right now, it seems like DPReview is the same resource we've always loved. But while Gear Patrol says they want things to remain the same, evolution will always be necessary for anything to thrive. 

How DRReview will evolve with a different captain at the helm remains to be seen, but I do have to say we are all excited here at NFS to see a staple of the photography and video community back on its feet.

But what do you think? Are you excited to have DPReview back on the net?

Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gear Patrol