Well, I am, for one, in shock. DPReview.com, a site I personally visited multiple times a week, will be closing on April 10th. According to the official post, the site will remain active until April 10, with articles still being released, after which it will be locked. 

However, we have some good news. DPReview will be available in read-only mode for a limited time afterward. How long that period will remain unclear.

So where do photographers and videographers go from here?

What The Future Holds

While No Film School is hard at work making sure filmmakers get the most up-to-date knowledge and information on how to make movies and which tools to keep an eye on, we also think healthy competition is necessary for a thriving community. 

There is still some time before April 10th, and the writers at DPReview still have a lot more to give to the creative community. So if you’ve been a longtime reader, please continue to be.

As for DPReview TV, it’s been 5 years since Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls joined DPReview to produce content for the YouTube channel. Their reviews have always been fun to watch and incredibly informative not only for photographers but videographers alike. 

Chris Niccolls and Jordan DrakeChris Niccolls and Jordan Drake and Jordan DrakeCredit: DPReview TV

However, the duo is still not done yet and will release a few more videos before the April deadline before they officially move onto PetaPixel!

Both Drake and Niccolls have stated that not much will change with the move. They will still continue making amazing content and technical gear reviews that we have come to love. But this time, they have a few more things to bring to the table. 

Not only do they have more tools for testing the gear they’ll be reviewing, but the duo will also focus more on storytelling. Not just what the gear can do but what creatives can do with it.

Competition Breeds Excellence

We here at No Film School cover some of the same material that DPReview did. We even overlap with Drake and Niccolls quite often. But we also believe that when it comes to knowledge, more ideas are better than one. 

While our focus is will always to grow the NFS community and help creatives of all experience levels succeed in their artistic pursuits, having different opinions you can trust is crucial to making the right decisions about your gear. 

With that said, Drake and Niccolls will be starting over from scratch at PetaPixel, so go give them some love. Because, as every good doctor knows, you always need a second opinion. 

Thanks to all the folks at DPReview.

Source: DPReview