Drones are awesome for so many reasons. For filmmakers, they allow us to capture shots that we've never been able to until they came along, including high altitude landscapes and orbiting overheads.

And those are cool.

But this one is cooler. At least in terms of being (literally) spectacular. 

Viggo Koch recently shared a video that gives us a POV unlike any most of us have seen before as he tracks a Swedish rollercoaster with his racing drone. Watch him perform some of the most advanced aerial drone moves you've ever seen below.

The rollercoaster in question, the start of the friggin' show, is called Helix, located at Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

And before anyone calls the Swedish authorities about dangerous drone activity, Koch was commissioned to film this video by Liseberg AB, and, as you can probably see, the coaster, as well as the entire park, seem to be completely empty.

Koch used a specialized racing drone, complete with a prototype frame, Diatone Mamba flight controller, T-motor F40 Pro racing motor, FrSky QX7 radio, and a GoPro HERO 6 and 7. He even utilized Fatshark HD3 goggles to completely immerse himself during the flight.

According to Koch, it took many flights to get familiar with the track and get everything right. And even though this footage was captured during the 16th or 17th attempt, it only took him a few tries once he had his flight path laid out.

The first 5-6 flights [were] mostly figuring out what lines to take and trying stuff to see what looked nice on video. So after we had decided on a route, it actually only took about three attempts to nail it, but I began to know the track really well by then.

This is clearly a spectacularly fun video, but it also reminds us what kinds of drone shots we're capable of capturing if we practice flying and being masters of our cinematic tools. Kudos to Viggo for showing us that!

Source: Viggo Koch