'Dune' Release Moved to Late 2021

The 2020 film schedule is in flux again. 

As Tenet struggles to make back its budget at the box office, the 2020 film release calendar is changing once again. Dune will now open on October 1, 2021, almost a full year after it was originally scheduled. It will still be shown in IMAX and 3D.

This new Dune date is significant because it's the same day Matt Reeves' Batman is supposed to be released...so you can assume that's going backward as well. 

This domino effect will happen for the next two to three years as studios try to figure out when it will be safe to go back to theaters. Wonder Woman 1984 is still slated for a Christmas Day release on December 25, 2020, but I cannot imagine they strand it there unless they also make it available for digital download. 

We've seen the James Bond movie No Time to Die move into next year, and Disney has delayed Black Widow and Eternals as well. Pretty soon we will start to see a crowded 2021 slate moving into 2022.

While we see theaters closing, we have to hope for the best... but prepare for the worst. 

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With studios doing this with all their new movies, I feel there will be few theaters around by that time next year to show it. I understand they don't want to loose money, but the virus will still be here in 2021. Theaters won't. I suspect studios plan on that. It's impractical to think the industry would bounce back with Tenet and The New Mutants being the only two movies to come out since the reopening of theaters.

October 6, 2020 at 11:43AM, Edited October 6, 11:43AM