DZOFilm came onto the scene with some pretty sweet zooms that were not only affordable but also had the quality to work on any production. Its Vespid prime line was equally affordable and created some pretty solid images. So, where is the lens company to go from here?

To the macro world, it seems, with the DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes, a new full-frame line of cinema lenses. The company says these lenses will provide incredible detail and clarity for grabbing those all-important close-ups and cinematically exploring the macro world. Let's see what else is on the table!

Big Lens, Small World

The trio of T2.8 aperture lenses includes 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm macros, with 1:1, 1.33:1, and 1.5:1 image reproduction at 6.6 inches and edge-to-edge focus. The Gnosis line provides a flexible field of view and can capture macro distances with a variety of looks and naturally soft bokeh. 

The 32mm is designed to bring dramatic tension to a subject with clarity to capture every emotion and detail through a shorter focusing distance for shooting dramatically up close. Meanwhile, the 65mm offers a comfortable and natural-looking image with no distortion. The 90mm T2.8 provides great bokeh and natural compression.

dzofilm gnosis 90mmGnosis 90mmCredit: DZOFilm

Designed with 11 elements organized in nine groups for the 32mm and 90mm lenses and eight groups for the 65mm lens, the Gnosis line is built with Cine-Geared focus and iris rings and offers a minimum focusing range of  0.237 meters (9.33 inches) for the 32mm macros, less than 0.29 meters (11.42 inches) for the 65mm macro, and about 0.274 meters  (10.79 inches) for the 90mm macro.

dzofilm gnosis 65mm and 32mmGnosis 65mm & 32mmCredit: DZOFilm

DZOFilm states that the lenses are also designed with elements that provide uniform color and rich gradation, with minimal chromatic aberration.

Each lens has a focus rotation of 300 degrees and an aperture range of a constant T2.8 to T22. Manual iris control operates the 16-bladed iris with a rotation angle of 55 degrees on the 32mm, and 67 degrees or 68 degrees on the 65mm and 90mm, respectively. 

dzofilm gnosis 65mmGnosis 65mmCredit: DZOFilm

The lenses also sport easy-to-read yellow T-stop settings and focusing distances, laid out with a 1:10 magnification and +0.1 exposure. For consistency, all three lenses enjoy the same 114mm front diameter, making it far easier to manage filters and matte boxes from lens to lens. This eliminates having multiple sizes of accessories or additional step-down rings on set. 

All three lenses also have a large positive lock (LPL) lens mount for ARRI camera platforms, and DZOFilm states that PL and EF mount versions are also available. 

The When and How Much

All three lenses are now available in a three-lens set for $15,999, or $5,389 piecemeal. This is a bit more than the zooms and primes DZOFilms have released thus far, but we are seeing some unique features with the new macro line.

DZOFilm Gnosis Macro Primes

New Release!
  • 32, 65 & 90mm T2.8 Macro Prime Lenses
  • Covers Full-Frame Format
  • Native LPL + PL & EF Mounts
  • T2.8 to T22 Aperture Range
3-Lens Set

Whether the price is worth it for macro cinematography will be up to you and your upcoming projects. However, we do see these lenses finding a nice spot in the product cinematography space, or if you're Terrence Malick and really need to get up close.  

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