EditShare has long been a leader in shared media storage. If you want multiple editors working from the same pile of source media, you need to work off of shared storage, and for 15 years now EditShare has stood out as being the most platform agnostic provider in the space. While you can work with an Avid Nexis shared server and whatever NLE you like (they aren't just meant for working with Avid Media Composer), EditShare was really the first to fully support Final Cut Pro and now, with the world split between FCP-X, MC, Premiere, and Resolve, agnostic platforms remain appealing.

EditShares cloud solutions are focused on being something you can deploy wherever you want. Want your media stored locally and then shared to the cloud? You can do that. Want to use a cloud server provider and then share from there? You can do that, and most importantly, it's not tied to any individual cloud.  

While many platforms develop deep integrations with services like Amazon Web Services, EditShare is focused on staying flexible on where you might implement. This offers flexibility for clients who might have particular business or technological reasons for choosing one platform over another. Using the cloud toolset EditShare has been developing, and is going to be using this investment to keep growing, for your cloud media sharing will allow you to do so.


In order to continue expanding, EditShare has taken on financing from ParkerGale and brought in a new CEO, Conrad Clemson, a veteran of the enterprise video space. After 15 years at the helm, co-founder Andy Liebman will move over to Chief Strategy Officer to oversee the continuing development of Editshare software, hardware, automated QC, and increasingly cloud-focused tools. 

This is exciting for filmmakers because of the major focus Editshare has on being agnostic for platforms. This has traditionally meant that you could work easily with any NLE without worry. As EditShare focuses more on cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, that same agnostic platform attitude will continue.