Sony has introduced the LA-EA5, a full-frame A-mount lens adapter that allows filmmakers to pair E-mount cameras with A-mount lenses. 

According to Sony, the adapter is fully compatible with the autofocus and high-speed shooting of Sony's E-mount cameras, which includes the SSM (Super Sonic Wave Motor) and SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor), or A-mount lenses that do not have internal focus motors.  

Additionally, there's support for focal plane phase-detection and wide-area focal phase-detection AF, but this is only in stills mode. Video modes do not support it presently. However, expect the adapter to provide real-time eye AF for both humans and animals as well as real-time tracking and AF/AE for SSM/SAM lenses in both stills and video mode. Cameras including the a7 III, a7R III, a6100, a9 II, and the new a7S III, among others, will support focal plane phase-detection AF. 

Sony designed the adapter to be as compact as possible, so don't expect too much length added to the configuration. The adapter can also be used with a vertical grip attached to the camera body.

The LA-EA5 will be available in October 2020 for around $250 USD and $330 CAD.