Getting movie ideas and TV ideas can be hard. So we wanted to help spark your creativity with some fantasy writing prompts.

Grab your quill, open your mind, and let's embark on a journey through landscapes painted with dragons, enchanted forests, and mysteries as old as time itself.

75 Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. A world where shadows have a life of their own.
  2. An ancient library where books can transport readers to their stories.
  3. A small village that appears only during a full moon.
  4. A kingdom where music controls the elements.
  5. A mirror that shows the viewer's true self, hidden desires, or fears.
  6. A forest where the trees whisper secrets of the past.
  7. A city floating in the sky, accessible only by flying creatures.
  8. A young apprentice who can speak to animals embarks on a quest.
  9. A cursed prince who turns into a different creature each night.
  10. A secret society of mages protecting an ancient magic.
  11. A realm where dreams and reality merge.
  12. A hidden world beneath the sea, unknown to land dwellers.
  13. A legendary sword that can only be wielded by a person with a pure heart.
  14. A tournament of magical beings for a sacred prize.
  15. An enchanted maze with ever-changing paths.
  16. A prophecy foretelling the rise of a dark power.
  17. A time-traveling hero trying to correct a broken timeline.
  18. A mystical creature believed extinct, found alive.
  19. A kingdom where colors signify different magical powers.
  20. An alternate dimension where mythical beasts rule.
  21. A celestial event that grants wishes, occurring once every thousand years.
  22. A land where the seasons never change.
  23. A potion that allows the drinker to understand all languages.
  24. A city where technology and magic are fused.
  25. A hero who can manipulate elements but at a great cost.
  26. A village where aging is reversed.
  27. A quest to reunite the pieces of a shattered moon.
  28. A tournament to become the guardian of an ancient magic.
  29. A mystical plant that grants eternal life, but with a curse.
  30. An underworld realm accessible through hidden gates around the world.
  31. A forgotten civilization discovered in a remote jungle.
  32. A magical artifact that influences the fate of kingdoms.
  33. A ghost ship that sails the seas, appearing randomly.
  34. A young child born with incredible powers and the prophecy surrounding them.
  35. A mystical fountain whose water can heal any ailment.
  36. A parallel world where magic is part of everyday life.
  37. An ancient dragon awakens, bringing both wisdom and terror.
  38. A legendary phoenix whose tears can resurrect the dead.
  39. A group of heroes on a quest to find a lost city of gold.
  40. A world where night and day exist simultaneously, split by a magical barrier.
  41. A spell that can bring inanimate objects to life.
  42. A kingdom cursed to eternal winter, waiting for a hero.
  43. An enchanted forest that can fulfill your deepest desires, for a price.
  44. A hero who can travel through mirrors to different realms.
  45. A hidden academy for the magically gifted.
  46. A magical locket that allows the wearer to swap bodies.
  47. An ancient feud between two powerful sorcerer families.
  48. A mythical creature that guards a sacred treasure.
  49. A world where magic is powered by emotion.
  50. A secret portal in an old bookshop leading to magical worlds.
  51. A bracelet that can control time but corrupts the user.
  52. A hero whose dreams predict the future.
  53. A city built on the back of a giant, wandering creature.
  54. An enchanted painting that traps viewers inside its world.
  55. A crystal that can store and replay memories.
  56. A tower that reaches the clouds, said to hold the key to immortality.
  57. A world where stars are actually distant magical realms.
  58. A quest to awaken the four elemental guardians.
  59. A kingdom split into light and darkness, seeking balance.
  60. A magical carnival that appears in different places, with mysterious attractions.
  61. An ancient relic that controls the weather.
  62. A hero who can shape-shift, but loses a part of themselves each time.
  63. A map that shows the location of hidden magical artifacts.
  64. A realm where magic is forbidden, and a rebellion to restore it.
  65. A mystical orb that shows the future but can also alter it.
  66. A legendary beast that is both feared and revered.
  67. An enchanted cloak that renders the wearer invisible.
  68. A world where each person's shadow has a different personality.
  69. A city where every building is alive and has its own spirit.
  70. A hero who must gather the fragments of a shattered sun.
  71. A mystical gate that connects two distant worlds.
  72. A sacred grove where every tree is a protector of the realm.
  73. A potion that can turn fantasy into reality.
  74. An artifact that allows travel between different dimensions.
  75. A young hero who discovers they are the reincarnation of a legendary figure.