We've all had to deal with the scourge that is motion smoothing. We've fixed the TVs at our friends' apartments, alerted our significant others, and sent lengthy emails to our parents. 

But the real fight was with manufacturers. Those were the big boys, so we needed a proverbial Magnificent Seven Samurai to take them on. 

Enter Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson, Patty Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, Martin Scorsese, Rian Johnson, and the DGA. 

God, I'm so happy there were seven things to write there. 

Anyway, these bastions of hope stepped in to preserve the cinematic integrity of their projects. 

And we love them for it. 

So how can they save us from motion smoothing? 

Meet "filmmaker mode," an effort to “preserve the cinematic representation of images as the filmmakers intended when it comes to color, contrast, aspect ratio, and frame rates.”

Hell yes. 

Rian Johnson made the announcement about the epic change in the way we watch cinema at home, saying, “The thing that sets Filmmaker Mode apart is it will be a pure, clean expression of what the movie was meant to look like when it was made.”

This is obviously great news, but how did it happen? 

Well, at CES in Vegas, the UHD Alliance announced that they had made strides after working with these directors and are excited to debut the new mode on Samsung, Philips/TP Vision, Kaleidescape, LG, Panasonic, and Vizio devices. They'll be in 2020 products. LG will include Filmmaker Mode in all of its new 4K and 8K TVs this year. Panasonic’s 2020 OLED TVs will also include the TV setting. 

Good things do happen!