There are shots in cinematic history that leave a lasting impression on us for years and end up becoming points of reference for our own films. Sometimes, we have to expand outside of the moving picture to a medium that has generated some of the most culture-defining images for centuries. 

Art has become an essential point of reference and inspiration for many filmmakers over the years. From set design to costume design to a film’s visual language, artwork can spark to life a world that a filmmaker brings into motion. Even the stories surrounding the painting being referenced can add another layer of storytelling to a film. 

We deeply admire Guillermo del Toro’s reference to the American realism movement in his breathtaking film Nightmare Alley, as well as the homage to German expressionism in season two of Euphoria. We also can't forget to mention the endless about of films that reference Edward Hopper's oil painting titled Nighthawks, which depicts four people in a downtown diner late at night as viewed through the diner's large glass window.  

Here are some of our other favorite moments in the film that are inspired by or references to great works of art: 

Do you have a favorite film reference to art that we missed? Let us know what it is in the comments below!