Prom Dates, written by D.J. Mausner and directed by Kim Nguyen, is a comedy that follows two best friends who are hell-bent on having the perfect senior prom, despite the fact they broke up with their dates only 24 hours before the big night.

This raunchy comedy reminds us that while romantic love may be fleeting, true friendship can survive any adversity that comes its way. Give it a listen and relive the best night of your life.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with Kim Nguyen and D.J. Mausner to discuss:

  • Writing the script in just 8 days
  • How D.J. and Kim immediately clicked
  • Celebrating the importance of friends in our lives
  • Developing the dynamic between the two lead characters
  • Harnessing the amazing energy from the cast
  • Filming in an old high school in Syracuse
  • How having a comedy background can improve your writing
  • The joy of working with gifted talent
  • A dramatic scene that required considerable emotional gear-shifting
  • How D.J.’s writing experiment turned into a film

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