My favorite times in film school were the chances we had to talk and network with working professionals. Well, imagine if one of those working professionals was none other than the amazing David Fincher? 

That's what a group of students of the United Kingdom’s National Film and Television School got when they logged into their Zoom recently. 

David Fincher spent time with them giving a masterclass and cheering up everyone in the room. 

Fincher is famously private, so this was a huge get and an incredibly generous move by the filmmaker. The United Kingdom went into lockdown in an attempt to combat the coronavirus outbreak, so sadly this class was solely online. 

The school’s director, Jon Wardle, said “It’s been a tough week so we wanted to do something to lift the spirits of the National Film and Television School students...So this afternoon 450 students sat down for a masterclass via Zoom with THE David Fincher. David is a legend.”

In these times of crisis, we all need that glimmer of hope. 

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