Do you own a Panasonic Lumix GH5 or the new GH5s camera? Or are you considering buying the GH5 or GH5s soon? (Here's a great article help you decide between the two.) Well, Panasonic has dropped its new firmware updates (2.4 for the GH5 and 1.2 for GH5s) with some big improvements to the continuous auto-focus performance for both. Here’s some the deets on the updates and what that means for your camera’s performance moving forward.

GH5 Firmware Update 2.4

GH5 Firmware Update

Panasonic’s DC-GH5 mirrorless camera has been a modern digital 4K model since its release in early 2017. Along with the Sony A7s, the GH5 was a true game changer as the professional video industry has shifted from DSLR to mirrorless. With past firmware updates shoring up image stabilization and sound recording, this latest update takes aim at improving the continuous AF performance (more on that below) and a few other bugs and operational improvements.

  • Improved video recording operation: Fixes a bug when setting exposure where the “One Push AE” would fail to operate when shooting in “Creative Video Mode M”.

  • Time-Code Bug: Fixes issues with time code resetting after battery is replaced.

  • 6K Photo/4K Photo Improved: Fixes issues where intended frames in 6K and 4K PHOTO were cut out of footage.

  • Read the full info on the update on Panasonic’s website here.

GH5s Firmware Update 1.2

GH5s Firmware Update

Riding off the GH5’s mirrorless success, the advanced GH5s has also enjoyed great popularity for its updated sensor and ISO capabilities (among other perks). Similar to the GH5’s firmware updates, the GH5s updates address several small bugs and issues with operations and video recording performance - along with the big news on the continuous auto-focus performance updates which is included in both.

  • Fixed HDMI output stability: when operating during VFR (variable frame rate), issues with operating stability through HDMI output have been fixed.

  • Improved video recording operation: similar to the GH5’s issue, the “One Push AE” bug when shooting “Creative Video M Mode” has been fixed. As well as issues when using V-LogL for VFR recording and image quality when set to “Dynamic (Intelligent Dynamic range Control”.

  • Lighting Conditions Operation Improvements: minimizes issues where the GH5s is slow to catch up to brightness changes under specific conditions.

  • Read the full info on the update on Panasonic’s website here.

Improved Auto-Focus Performance

Improved Auto Focus Firmware

The big news from both these firmware updates is the improvements made to the continuous auto-focus (AF) performance. For both cameras there have been issues with the AF where the focus point randomly shifts to the background while tracking a subject in AFC mode. GH5 and GH5s owners will be glad to hear that Panasonic has updated its tracking algorithm to work more actively - especially in high motion situations.

For GH5 and GH5s interested parties, several owners have already tested the firmware updates for comparative review and the results look pretty amazing. Here’s a great write-up on Cinema5D with examples. Let us know your thoughts on these firmware updates in the comments.