Flame from Autodesk is one of the best programs available for 3D compositing and visual effects finishing. Already stacked with features, Flame 2022 brings several dozen improvements, including camera tracking that uses machine learning. 

According to Autodesk, the new camera tracker can create automatic camera solves and 3D geometry output in minutes. Additionally, you can now import LUTs directly inside Action and Image toolsets and share work remotely through the Network Device Interface (NDI) around the globe.

Here's what the release says about the updates.

Flame_camera_trackerCredit: Autodesk

Nex-gen camera tracking

Using cutting-edge scene reconstruction algorithms similar to autonomous vehicle smart "vision" and reality capture-type point cloud reconstruction, Flame’s new camera tracker "auto masks" or ignores moveable objects like people, cars, bodies of water, and skies, and focuses the solve on the static scene environment only, so that artists no longer have to spend time manually masking out moving objects to get a reliable result.

In many cases, the new camera tracker provides artists with a one-click solution, delivering high-quality results with over 5,000 points in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional workflows.

Flame_integration_2Credit: Autodesk

Integrated finishing toolset

A new creative look up table (LUT) loader lets users import an external file-based LUT or color transform from a wide variety of file formats (.3dl .cube .ctf .ccc) directly inside Action and Image toolsets, and apply the "look" to the entire picture or part of it.

Additional enhancements include broadened GMask Tracer functionality, expanded support for industry-standard tactile colorist control panels (Arc, Element, Wave 2, Ripple, Element-Vs), and Blackmagic RAW media compatibility.

Flame_webcastCredit: Autodesk

NDI video preview streaming

Artists can now share high-quality full-screen video with creative stakeholders remotely, either over a closed network or public internet, using any NewTek NDI receiver software or device for a virtual experience akin to an in-person, over-the-shoulder review session. The new feature is also compatible with webcasting software like OBS Studio and streaming services like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

​To learn more details about the release, Autodesk is having a webinar on Wednesday, April 28, from 12-1:30 p.m. ET. The event will be hosted by Flame family product manager Will Harris and VFX supervisor Bilali Mack from Alkemy X.

You can sign up for the free event here