FXHome is known for HitFilm, popular desktop software that combines editing, compositing, tilting and 3D tools in one filmmaker friendly suite. With the release of version 15, the chroma key, auto-stabilizer, and motion tracking options are some of the best in the biz. Also, there's a free version of HitFilm that you can test drive, and it's Pro version supports GPU-acceleration to speed up editing and cut down on rendering times.  

The company has released its first smartphone app, called CamTrackAR. As the name suggests, it can capture video and 3D track the data simultaneously using Apple’s AR technology. This is awesome news, especially if you have ever tried to track a camera's movements after the fact. FXHome is marketing the tool for those in the previs world, but it's going to be great for any filmmaker looking to get a leg up when it comes to visual effects or conceptualizing scenes.  

Let's say your company offers previs work as a means of storyboarding or creating visual effects. By simply using an iPhone and the app, you can shoot the scene and the app will track the data for you. Data will be saved as a HitFilm (.hfcs) file, a Blender (.py) file, and a single point anchor to allow you to further edit in post, which should save loads of time. This app is a great way to get a rough estimate or use as a starting point for finished work. 

The interface is straight-forward and easy to use. You can set your floor plane with a green tracking grid and add anchor points by simply using your finger. After pressing record, the app does all the work ensuring that anything tracked stays locked in place. 

While the basic version of the app is free, there is an upgrade option that allows you to export to After Effects (.jsx) where you can add multiple anchor points to a scene. FXHome offers the upgrade as a perpetual license for $29.99 or in subscription form for $4.99. This way you can try it for a month, and if it isn't for you, you're not stuck paying the full bill.

For now, the app is only available for iOS devices. It can be downloaded for free here. FXHome has also published a step-by-step guide in how to use it.

So what are you waiting for? Go create.