Fujifilm MK Zooms go MFT, Blackmagic Fans Says "Yay!"

Adding a third lens mount, the MFT mount, for the truly parfocal MK zooms from Fujifilm is a good sign for Blackmagic Pocket owners that high-end lenses are coming.

The original launch of the MK Zoom lenses, a pair of truly parfocal (holding focus all the way through the zoom range), affordable, lightweight "cinema" zooms, was a big deal, but they had one major frustration for many users.

In order to stay both lightweight and small, they focused on the shallower lens mounts and didn't make an EF version, which is understandable.  But in that "mirrorless" lens mount arena, they only launched with an E-mount. 

Clearly, they wanted to be the top lens of choice for Sony FS7 shooters, and the lens did prove popular in that arena.  

Last year they wonderfully added the Fuji X mount to the lineup, and while we appreciated it, we also know that the X mount is only slowly taking off in filmmaking circles.  We shoot everything on the XH1, and we saw many shooters at NAB this year with very nice X-T3 video rigs out in the field, so we know it's coming, but it's by no means the massive market of the venerable FS7, so we suspect that those numbers aren't huge, though man are we glad they did it. 

However, they just released the MFT mount, previously only available from third-party vendors, which is both a strong move for Fuji, and should be big news for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera fans.

The Pocket Cinema Camera uses the MFT mount, and while there are many, many still photo type lens options available in that universe, the selection of cinema lenses has been smaller.  While there are more options coming, like the Foton we saw at NAB last week, we really haven't seen an explosion of lenses in that space that offers the combination of consistent repeatable focus, keeping focus through zoom, and easy adaptability with FIZ motors that filmmakers are looking for. 

Fuji, two years into the lifecycle, coming out with an MFT mount for this lens feels like a nice endorsement for the Pocket Cinema camera and the volume it must be selling to make this worth the effort on the part of Fuji.

One thing to remember is that the MFT sensor size tends to be smaller, so the 18mm here won't offer as wide a field of view as you get on the roughly Super35mm sensor size you get on the X-T3 and the FS7

However, all the perks of working with lenses designed for motion should well balance out that drawback, and perhaps bringing along a truly wide prime for when you really need that extra width could make the 18-55mm practically a "do almost everything" lens for many shooters.

Shipping soon from Fuji, at the same price as the E mount.

Tech Specs:

  • 2lbs, 2.5oz, or 990 grams
  • E, X and MFT mount
  • T2.9 Maximum Aperture
  • 18-55mm zoom range
  • 200° Focus Rotation
  • Optical Center remains through zoom
  • 82MM filter diameter
  • 85mm front diameter
  • Consistent gear ring placement from lens to lens
  • .8M gear tooth pitch
  • 206.3mm overall lens length

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hopefully this will be rentable when it comes out in MFT ... you know at $4,000

April 18, 2019 at 4:38AM


It's already available as a third party was offering an adapter since a while ago.
It's now possible to get it directly from Fuji; that's the news here.
and no, it will not be cheaper cause you shoot m43.

April 18, 2019 at 6:56PM

DoP freelance cameraman 4K HK & Shanghai.

Wake me up when these come at sub $1000 range

April 18, 2019 at 7:47PM


Prepare for a long sleep

April 23, 2019 at 6:12AM


Can someone explain why they cost the same as E mount?

April 23, 2019 at 12:42PM

Aaron Harper
Rental House Manager