The internet's latest "Idle Hands" project? Replacing the faces of the Full House cast with Nick Offerman's. Yup. This is a thing someone spent life on. 

Whomever this monster/genius known as Dr. Fakenstein is, their deep-fake work on the ABC TGIF staple sitcom has started to go viral. For those who want to spare their eyes from being exposed to this nightmare fuel, Dr. (PhD? MD?) Fakenstein has re-edited Full House's peppy (but stiff) opening credits so that every time a member of the Tanner clan shows their face, they're actually wearing Ron Swanson's mustached visage. ("Ron Swanson's Mustached Visage" is the name of my new speed metal band.)

Watch the new Full House opening titles below:

As a show, Full House wasn't very good – despite our nostalgia for it. But leave it to Dr. F. to find something scarier than having Kimmy Gibbler as a neighbor. 

Deep-fakes have quickly become a thing, and they are a means for aspiring filmmakers to make a name for themselves on the internet (and especially Twitter). Exposure like this, look, we don't know what purpose or intent this ultimately serves – that would require the mind of a criminal profiler. But we do know that, even for a viral laugh, the technical craft showed here is worth paying attention to. 

Assuming you can stomach the weird/terrifying sight of Michelle and DJ Tanner wearing an Offerman mask. (Only in 2019 could that sentence be the least disturbing one ever written.) 

Source: Dr. Fakenstein