Less than a month after SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP reached an agreement to end their strike, and despite concessions by studio execs saying that the writers were “right about almost everything,” the world of AI continues to move forward — and possibly still for use in film and television.

And while there are of course new protections in place, it’s perhaps quite concerning to some that the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed Futureverse, an artificial intelligence and metaverse tech company.

Let’s take a look at this AI tech company and explore how its AI might be used for talent and IP in different metaverse, web3, virtual worlds and other venues in the future.

Futureverse AI Tech

The biggest questions to initially come from this announcement all really have to do with the different natures of AI and IP, and what they actually look like together. Still, both brands are quite happy about this coming-together and promise lots of exciting developments soon.

“Futureverse’s strategic collaboration with CAA has forged a strong alignment in fostering the development of mutually beneficial business models that empower creators with groundbreaking tools and lucrative revenue opportunities. As pioneers in AI, web3 and metaverse infrastructure, driven by a deep appreciation for art and humanity, we see an incredibly bright future for the world of entertainment. Joining forces with CAA amplifies and accelerates the dialogue and partnerships that reinforce and expand our shared vision.” — Futureverse Co-Founder Shara Senderoff

Already a large-spanning tech company with several global IP and entertainment plays (including Warner Music, Authentic Brands Group and FIFA), this Futureverse company has been making even more waves as of late with their launch of a potential new product called “JEN 1”. Promised as a high-fidelity model for text-to-music generation, this JEN 1 could end up being one of the best AI-music apps on the market eventually.

The Future of AI IP

However, with this new partnership, or signing perhaps, CAA will be able to give this new AI tech the opportunity to collaborate with other well-known IP in the film and television world, as well as other music, sports and products.

“We are thrilled to be working with Futureverse, who are establishing themselves as leaders in the technology and entertainment space. This relationship is not just a meeting of minds, but a fusion of capabilities that will accelerate our shared vision for a smarter, more connected world.” — Phil Quist, Music + Emerging Tech at CAA.

The Futureverse co-founder goes on to share insights into the integration and its possibilities of bringing in a new era for both talent and IP. And CAA seems ready to go with these new endeavors. We’ll be sure to follow this story for any more potential updates about what this future of AI IP might eventually become.

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