Sony has been killing it with its cameras recently, and the E-mount has become a solid choice for mirrorless and cinema camera shooters alike. But finding a set of lenses to fit your production needs can be difficult. 

We took care of the heavy lifting and found some budget-friendly solutions that will get you shooting in no time. No matter if you're a digital creator, documentarian, or narrative filmmaker, these kits offer some interesting focal lengths to make your composition stand out.  

Sigma DG DN Contemporary Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

Sigma DG DN Contemporary Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

Save $225!
  • 24mm f/3.5 DG DN Contemporary Lens
  • 45mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary Lens
  • 90mm f/2.8 DG DN Contemporary Lens
E-Mount Kit

While Sigma hasn't always been an underdog in the lens game, it hasn't been a leader. But that doesn't mean its lenses shouldn't be a go-to when building out your kit.

This kit offers a trio of lenses for E-mount shooters with a 24mm, 45mm, and 90mm that are both compact and versatile. The normal-length 45mm is a solid choice that offers enough room for versatile composition and is close enough to a 50mm to get a unique portrait look. The 90mm telephoto is also a unique focal length that is just a hair longer than the usual 85mm. The optical design features both aspherical and low dispersion glass elements, which suppress a variety of aberrations and distortions. Also, a Super Multi-Layer Coating helps to reduce ghosting and flare for improved color fidelity and contrast. All three lenses have autofocus, as well, making them a killer choice.

ZEISS Batis Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

ZEISS Batis Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

Save $270!
  • Batis 25mm f/2 Lens
  • Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens
  • 2 x UV Filters
E-Mount Kit

Zeiss makes some amazing glass, making it a leader in the industry.

Because they're a bit more expensive, this kit only has two lenses, a 25mm and 85mm. But they're a bit faster than the Sigma kit at f/2 and f/1.8. Even at wide open, they offer amazing image quality that is hard to match. Batis-series lenses are distinguished by their innovative use of an OLED display on the lens barrel, which highlights the focus distance and depth of field range for quickly recognizing your focusing parameters. As an autofocus lens, linear motors deliver quick, quiet, and smooth focusing performance to suit both stills and video applications. Additionally, the lens body also sports a dust- and moisture-sealed design to permit its use in trying environments.

Rokinon AF Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

Rokinon AF Sony E-Mount Lens Kit

Save $250!
  • E-Mount Lenses/Full-Frame Format
  • AF 14mm f/2.8 FE Lens
  • AF 35mm f/1.4 FE Lens
  • AF 50mm f/1.4 FE Lens
E-mount Kit

Rokinon has cemented itself as the go-to for budget lenses. This versatile trio of autofocus primes for Sony E-mount includes the ultra-wide-angle AF 14mm f/2.8 FE, the fast wide-angle AF 35mm f/1.4 FE, and an equally fast AF 50mm f/1.4 FE. 

An Ultra Multi-Coating has also been applied, as well as an integrated lens hood, to suppress flare and ghosting for greater contrast and color accuracy when working in strong lighting conditions. Additionally, the lens' autofocus motor provides quick and precise focusing performance, and manual focus override is also available for more refined control. All three lenses are a perfect fit for low-light work or difficult lighting conditions. Their optical design incorporates three aspherical and two low dispersion elements to help reduce distortion and color fringing for improved clarity and sharpness.

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