GetMotivatedBuddies has teamed up with Bryan Cogman, an Emmy-awarded writer and producer for Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Disney to release the 14 Day Screenplay Outline Challenge. The program is designed to engage aspiring, nonprofessional, and established screenwriters to hone their writing skills, overcome creative obstacles, and complete an outline for their story.

The program is at no cost for subscribers to GetMotivatedBuddies. After the 14-day course, the winner will be granted a review and notes of their screenplay outline from Cogman. 

The one hitch is that a subscription costs $14.99/month or $159.99/annually. That's a little pricey just for someone to hound you to write, but I could see some readers benefitting from the model.  

The 14 Day Screenplay Outline Challenge runs from Feb. 7 to Feb. 20. The program is an immersive experience for screenwriters at any level. It is designed to provide students an in-depth look into Cogman’s approach to getting a story out of his head and into a screenplay story structure to meet the demands of being a professional screenwriter. Cogman has gladly partnered with GetMotivatedBuddies to develop and launch the 14 Day Screenplay Outline Challenge to encourage and inspire other screenwriters to enhance their craft.

If this sounds good to you, sign up here