In today's large market, it's pretty hard to decipher which camera is the best one suited for your needs. New cameras are coming out all the time, and we write about as many of them as possible.  They're all so well made, and the differences can really come down to a few key specs and your preference as a filmmaker. 

Mirrorless cameras are often the choice for filmmakers just starting out. While DSLRs do have their benefits, mirrorless cameras make it easier to adapt to other lens mounts, making the option of renting cinema lenses for a weekend to learn about their imaging quality a more realistic experience.

Today we're looking at the top mirrorless cameras that you can buy via this curated list from B&H. Don't forget to view their full guide here

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Will you be picking up a new mirrorless camera? Let us know which one!

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Source: B&H Photo/Video