A film 19 years in the making, M. Night Shyamalan's Glass serves as a merger between the director's 2000 hit Unbreakable (starring Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis) and the 2016 film Split (starring James McAvoy).

As so much time has passed between Glass and the original film (released a year after Shyamalan's breakout blockbuster, The Sixth Sense), the production doubled as a reunion of sorts for its principal cast. That much is evident in the recently released behind-the-scenes look at the film shoot, culminating in the emotional wrap of several performers' final scenes; hugs and speeches abound. 

Also interesting in the below footage are the brief glimpses of Shymalan's interaction with his actors on set. It's clear that he loves the physical process of moviemaking, and he's very much behind the camera for every take, guiding his performers' eyeline and emotional journies without dictating how it needs to be done. He's also clearly excited to show Bruce Willis how to raise a security gate to enter into a convenience store, as evidenced in the first clip below. 

Glass opens in theaters this Friday, January 18th.

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