Fresh off Sony’s recent unveiling of their a9 III camera—the world’s first full-frame camera with global shutter—rumors have begun to swirl as to which camera, from which brand, could be the next to utilize this bold new technology.

Let’s take a look at all of the most recent rumors and reports surrounding Canon and their upcoming line of EOS R cameras to see if, and perhaps just when, global shutter will come to their lineup.

Canon Global Shutter Rumors

Despite perhaps their best efforts, reports from Canon Rumors indicate that Canon is not going to include any global shutter technology in its most likely upcoming lineup of EOS R cameras. As we’ve covered before, a Canon R5 Mark II—with a “massive” frame rate bump—is most likely on its way soon.

We’ve also seen rumors confirm that a new EOS R1 body is set to release here soon (and perhaps be Canon’s biggest flagship camera yet). However, despite these rumors flying around, it doesn’t sound like Canon will be able to include this new technology in these upcoming cameras.

\u200bPrevious Canon cameras with global shutter

Previous Canon cameras with global shutter

Credit Canon

Canon’s Past Global Shutter Cameras

This is funny to say because, out of all of the camera brands, Canon is probably the most likely to be able to add a global shutter to its new video cameras.

That’s because Canon has released cameras with global shutters in the past, and even cinema cameras too. As the Canon Rumors report and others have pointed out, Canon did have a global shutter in their Canon EOS C700 GS cinema camera, which was discontinued.

Canon also unveiled a couple of industrial application cameras in the past year that include full-frame global shutter technology with their LI5030SAI and LI5030SAN sensors, both 19mp with 12-bit readouts at 57.99 fps. However, these were apparently never attended for mainstream or commercial photo or video use.

\u200bThe Canon EOS C700 GS

The Canon EOS C700 GS

Credit: Canon

The Future of Global Shutter With Canon

Still, if we’ve learned anything from this ongoing arms race in the video camera game, it’s that if the market signals that new technology is what people want (and from just early clamor for this Sony a9 III, it’s going to be quite popular) then that’s what people are going to get.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see not only Canon but other major camera manufacturers like Panasonic, Nikon, Fujifilm, Blackmagic, and more come out with new cameras with global shutters here as well.

Even if Canon is locked in with their most upcoming cameras already, they could very likely have global shutter back in the fold for their releases soon after that.