Later this month, the estate of Robert Evans, super producer and "kid who stayed in the picture" will go on sale. Some of the items have arrived online. There's a painting from Impressionist Pierre-August Renoir and an item even more important to our taste... an original script for The Godfather with his casting ideas on it. 

There are the names I can make out...can you help me with the others? 

  • Gene Hackman as Tom Hagen 
  • Charles Bronson as Sonny 
  • Ernest Borgnine as Clemenza 
  • John Saxon as Rocco 
  • Sterling Hayden as McCluskey 

These are fascinating. It represents huge stars like Hackman and Bronson mixed with great character actors. I wish I could read all the ideas on here. I would buy it to examine it more closely, but the script has an estimated selling price of between £2,300-£3,800 or $3000-$5000. 

Still pretty cool! 

Can you make out any other names on the script? Let us know down in the comments.