The Versatile VD-Mic Shotgun Microphone Is Only $59

Credit: Godox
The RØDE VideoMicro is a tough microphone to beat for its compact size and price point. Godox has introduced the VD-Mic, putting it in direct competition at the same $59 price tag. 

The VD-Mic is a lightweight and compact directional shotgun microphone, offering improved sound quality to your recording over the on-board microphone found on your camera or smartphone. The inexpensive microphone is ideal for vlogging, livestreaming, and other close proximity video work where quality audio is necessary. 

Credit: Godox
At 3.1" (8 cm) and 40g, the VD-Mic is light enough to mount to any compact camera or pair with a smartphone or tablet, as it includes both TRS and TRRS cables in the box.

One shortcoming when using it with a smartphone in comparison to the RØDE VideMic ME, which plugs directly into a phone without any cable management, is that the VD-Mic will need to be attached to a 1/4-20" mount, either in a rig or other capacity. That said, the 3.5mm input design is our preference, like the VideoMicro or the slightly more expensive Deity V-Mic, as it offers more value in terms of versatility. 

Spec-wise, the VD-Mic is comparable to the RØDE VideoMicro as it has a frequency range of 100-20kHz and a cardioid pickup pattern that will reject rear sounds while recording. Like the RØDE version, it also comes with a Rycote shock mount to prevent unwanted handling noise, a foam windshield, and a furry for noisy environments. 

The Godox VD-Mic is available now for $59. The company also makes an inexpensive WMicS1 UHF wireless system ($249) and a WH-M1 ($129) wireless handheld microphone with a very respectable range.      

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The age of using built-in microphones of cameras and cell phones is clearly coming to an end.

January 13, 2021 at 11:49AM

Nick Straub