Highland 2.5 has officially been announced and this update adds tools and functionality that will make the task of writing scripts, novels, and even blog posts a lot more intuitive and efficient.

In fact, the John August-led team behind Highland, the Quote-Unquote Company, says that they've "added nearly everything" in their app roadmap, including features requested by thousands of users.

What's new in Version 2.5?

Highland 2.5 has a number of new features that will make your writing experience a little easier and more efficient, including the new Drag-and-Drop Navigator that lets you quickly re-organize assets, Customizable Themes for those who want to personalize their interface, and Word Analysis, which will allow you to avoid word repetition.

But the biggest tool added in this update has to be Revision Mode, namely because the ability to manage and track revisions was the biggest advantage Final Draft had over Highland 2. In Version 2.5, users can now turn on Revision Mode to track changes to their work with their choice of color, as well as stars in the margins. Revision markings can even be added to your exported PDF.

Here's a full list of all of the new features in Version 2.5:

  • Revision Mode
  • Drag-and-Drop Navigator
  • Custom Themes
  • Interruptible Sprints
  • Title Page Builder
  • Refreshed UI
    • Greater consistency and clarity
    • Integrated title bar. Your custom theme extends to the edges
    • Full support for Mojave Dark Mode and custom highlight colors
    • Updated Typography
  • New Launch Screen
  • Updated Manuscript Template
  • Updated Cheat Sheet
  • Custom Alignment for documents Headers and Footers
  • What's New Window



As always, Highland 2 is a free app for Mac users, which is great. If you don't mind the pared-down functionality and watermarks on your PDFs, you can definitely get plenty of work done.

However, if you want to have full access to all of the tools the software has to offer (and believe me, you really do), including Revision Mode, then you're looking at spending $50 for the Pro version. 

Already have Highland 2? Then the 2.5 upgrade is free for you.

To learn more about Highland 2, as well as all of these new features, head on over to its website.

Source: Highland 2