The task force's document aims to provide guidelines for testing, physical distancing, and training in its newly released 22-page document. The task force is part of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

The document was submitted to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday.

Key areas addressed in the guidelines include infection control, cast and crew health and safety, physical distancing, training and education, and production-specific concerns.

There are guidelines for craft services and vehicles to minimize contact and contamination. The document discourages live audiences at tapings and suggests moving to virtual writers' rooms whenever possible. Areas must be marked to encourage physical distancing.

The document also calls for "an autonomous COVID-19 Compliance Officer" to oversee productions.

This person will have "specialized training and responsibility and authority for COVID-19 safety compliance and enforcement." The compliance officer should be available during work hours. The document also calls for a hotline system to be set up to address safety questions and concerns.

Task Force White PaperCredit: Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

There are additional guidelines for cast and crew.

"The number of people involved in close proximity with a performer should be kept to a minimum whenever possible," the document says. "If a performer requires work by more than one make-up artist/hairstylist, make-up artists/hairstylists should observe appropriate PPE requirements, and both performer and make-up artist/hairstylist should observe hand hygiene practices immediately after completing the task."

Performers are to put on PPE and physically distance themselves immediately after filming a scene.

The document also acknowledges the need for ongoing discussions within departments and unions to address specific issues.

"In addition to the recommendations provided in this White Paper, the Unions, Guilds, and Employers have acknowledged the need to develop department-specific operational protocols and project-specific workflows," the document says, "which will be subject to further discussion and agreement between the Employers and the respective Unions and Guilds representing the cast and crew."

Deadline has published the document in full, and it can be read here, or you can go to the PDF directly here.