This event happens once a year, and every time the amount of tools and educational content on offer makes traditional film school look like a hobby on the weekends. 

2023 is here to light the first in your artistic pursuits with not one, but three bundles to fit your budget and needs. 

Best of all, excerpts of the No Film School course, How To Make Money as a Cinematographer, will be included in this year's charity extravaganza.

Get One of Three Video Creator Bundles!

The 5DayDeal isn’t just an affordable source for creators to learn, grow, and reload their toolkit, but a wonderful way to support some amazing charities, such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Street Child, and Feeding America. 

We all have to learn how to be amazing filmmakers, right? Here at No Film School, we’re big believers in DIY education, and the 5DayDeal bundles are packed full of everything you need to light the fires of your creativity.  

So, let’s get learning!

Three Bundles, Three Way To Learn

This year, the Video Creator Bundle will come in three incredible versions. Filmmakers, content creators, and artists that work in the medium of video and film will have the opportunity to pick the one that fits their exact needs. 

Each bundle contains resources, tools, and educational content from some of the most talented digital content creators, filmmakers, and cinematographers. 

The Main Bundle

Starting off the 5DayDeal is the perfect starter kit for creators looking to take their video skills from a simple creation to a viral sensation. No matter your final exhibition, the Main Bundle gives you the tools you need to sharpen your senses and techniques to make the perfect post for social media, promotional content, high-end film, and everything in between.

5DayDeal Main Bundle SamplesThe top three courses from The Main Bundle.Credit: 5DayDeal

In this bundle, creators will get 16 courses, templates, and effects to fill out their knowledge gaps and toolkits. The top three courses include:

  • Learn Filmmaking From Beginner To PRO from CINECOM

  • Getting Your Start as a Cinematographer from No Film School

  • How To Light a Horror Film from Filmmakers Academy

For just $98, creators will not only get a value worth over $2,000, but they’ll be supporting charities that are crucial to helping those in need.

Get The Main Bundle

The Pro Bundle

This is where things start to heat up. Not only does the Pro Bundle include everything in the Main Bundle, but you get an additional eight products to further expand your already killer toolkit. 

5DayDeal Pro Bundle samplesThe top three products from The Pro Bundle.Credit: 5DayDeal

For an additional $39, creators and filmmakers will receive access to stock footage, templates, sound design tools, plugins, and more. If you want to supercharge your creative workflow, this bundle addition is one you should miss.

Get The Pro Bundle!

The Complete Charity Bundle

Now you’re on your way to becoming a pro, right? Where do we go from here? This is where we focus on giving. Not only to creators but to the charities that 5DayDeal supports. 

The Complete Charity Bundle includes everything from the previous bundle sets but also offers an additional nine products for a massive cornucopia of tools and courses. This includes an additional lesson from No Film School’s How to Make Money as a Cinematographer course: Mastering the Craft of Cinematography. 

5DayDeal Complete Charity Bundle SampleThe top three productions from The Complete Charity Bundle.Credit: 5DayDeal

Covering a wide range of topics to help you master the art of capturing stunning visuals, this lesson from our course teaches you everything from the fundamental principles of three-point lighting to smart side lighting and the intricacies of lighting night scenes, filming interviews, and capturing product shots. 

Still not enough? 5DayDeal will also include a BONUS of eight additional resources!

Get the complete Charity Bundle for only $166, which is a value of $4,700. That’s over $4,500 in savings!

Treat Yourself to The Complete Charity Bundle!

Let’s Get Learning!

We have to be honest. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what 5DayDeal has to offer this year. There are so many more tools and tutorials to explore. 

For $98 to $166, it’s the deal of the year. We don’t care what you find on Black Friday. Everything you get is worth up to $4,700!

Check out the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle to learn everything you’ll get this year and to choose the bundle that’s right for you. Not only will you get the tools you need to become a better filmmaker, but you’ll also be supporting charities that help those in need. 

But with every 5DayDeal, we always give a warning. You have five days to grab all of these amazing resources. So don’t delay because your filmmaking career is just a click away.