This post was written by Previs Pro.

Ditch the pen and paper, and storyboard in a virtual world using the simple swiping and tapping gestures you already know. Previs Pro makes the storyboarding process easier and faster for filmmakers at all levels. Let’s dive into how Previs Pro works and the cutting-edge features of this killer iPad or iPhone (and soon-to-be Mac) software.

Putting the Story in Your Hands 

Let’s face it–not all of us can draw. To do a good job, I have to get someone else to draw out storyboards based on my explanation of the sequence. With Previs Pro, I can finally take back control of the creative process and easily create those detailed scenes that will help everyone understand my vision.

From importing your Final Draft script to populating all your scenes with actors and INT/EXT settings and scene headings automatically— before you’ve even started you have a coherent outline ready to start filling in.

The Future is Simple

Like working with a doll house, or the Sims, Previs Pro lets you quickly create 3D characters and place and pose them easily. 

Image1_2Credit: Previs Pro

Add lights, props, place the camera as you like, and even jump into AR mode and frame your shot with a Virtual Camera. Import locations by using LiDAR for room and interior set creation, or just drop a picture in as a background if that’s all you need to make the shot click. 

Image2_1Credit: Previs Pro

When you’re done, share your work as a JPG or PDF in multiple formats and layouts from a one-shot pane to an entire scene or even a ready-to-go shotlist. Export to MP4 format to edit in Premiere or any other video editing program. And if you want to hand off your boards to your VFX department or are technically advanced? Export them to Unity or Unreal.

Edit props, characters, walls, and lights with simple taps. Switch between a 2D “Blueprint” mode, a 3D mode as well as a CAM mode, where you see exactly what the camera does. 

Image3_1Credit: Previs Pro

The Future is Fast

Streamline your workflow and save precious time during production. Previs Pro helps you achieve this. Build prop and character libraries per project, copy/paste Sets from scene to scene, and add notes to each scene and shot. Previs Pro doesn’t just help you work faster in the traditional Storyboard creation but also lets you take it on set and quickly edit or try out brand-new shots during production. It becomes an essential tool saving you time (and money) right through production.

Image4_1Credit: Previs Pro

The Future is Bright

Built on a modern 3D Game Engine, and already fully supporting Augmented Reality, the makers of Previs Pro plan to embrace coming technology such as Apple’s future Vision Pro gear. Additionally, modern AI-powered image generation technology is an obvious route to transform Previs Pro’s 3D-accurate storyboards and make them look like painted artist panels for the added benefit of helping market or pitch your next project. And all future updates are free to existing customers.

Previs Pro is used on shows from Taika Watiti’s Our Flag Means Death on MAX, to Riverdale on the CW. From MLB commercial spots to the Major Motion Picture Spinning Gold. Will it be a part of your future?

Availability and Pricing 

Previs Pro is currently available on iPadOS and iOS for the iPhone and iPad. A native Mac version will be shipping this Summer.

Try Previs Pro free. After a week-long trial, choose from a monthly or annual subscription, or a one-time lifetime purchase. Previs Pro is constantly updating its software, so stay up to date with the latest storyboard innovations that can improve your workflow, spark creative inspiration, and bring your dream project to life faster than you think possible.

Search “Previs Pro” in the iPhone or iPad app store or download here.

This post was written by Previs Pro.