Have you ever watched a movie or played a video game and wondered where all the sounds came from? Well, it's not all sound libraries and foley stages. Sometimes, projects will hire a sound designer whose sole responsibility is to go out into the world and record fresh sounds. Gunshots, cannons, engines—you name it. 

Watson Wu is one of those guys, and he has hunted down sounds for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Assassin's Creed, and films like Baby Driver. He tells us stories from the front lines, like gathering firearm effects from antique weapon collectors in Florida. We also discuss Watson's role in creating RØDE’s new Ambisonic Sound Library, which has some of the best immersive sounds available. Plus, they're free.

We also talk about the insane challenges of obtaining roller coaster sounds and how the job of being a sound recordist, oddly enough, comes down to networking. Enjoy!

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