While Humble Bundle usually focuses on providing help to charities around the world with video games, books, and software bundles, the door has finally opened for filmmakers to be a part of this incredible giving platform. 

The Humble Bundle Filmmakers VFX software bundle includes particles, overlays, and transitions, as well as other goodies to give filmmakers an edge in post. 

The entire package is worth around $960, but through Humble Bundle, the entire pack can be yours for only $25. Creatives can also give more to support Save the Children and its ongoing mission to provide for those in need around the world. 

Humble Bundle Filmmakers VFX Pack

All of the visual effects from this bundle come from Eldamar Studio, an effects shop based in Lviv, Ukraine, which has recently had to leave the country as a result of the current crisis. 

When you purchase this bundle, you’ll help support Save the Children and their ongoing efforts to provide essential aid for the kids of Ukraine.

This bundle contains a vast and varied library of versatile VFX, whether you’re working on an action-packed movie, creating a commercial that needs a special visual touch, or looking for wonder LUTs to achieve the cinematic tone you’re looking for. 

Included in the Bundle

  • 50 Film Light Leaks Video Overlays
  • 10 After Effects Slideshow Pack
  • 30 Massive VFX Explosions
  • 10 Realistic Rain Pack
  • 100 After Effects Animated Titles Pack
  • 100 Premiere Pro Animated Titles Pack
  • 25 HitFilm Animated Titles Pack
  • 25 DaVinci Resolve Animated Titles Pack 
  • 25 Vegas Animated Titles Pack
  • 30 Animated Stream Video Overlays
  • 40 Shockwave Particles Bundle
  • VFX Portals Pack
  • Ultimate Instagram Stories Pack
  • 20 Synthwave Backgrounds Pack
  • 100 Animated Video Backgrounds Bundle
  • 10 Dust Explosions Pack
  • 15 Space Animations Pack
  • 30 HUD Elements Pack
  • 10 Spreading Ink and Mattes Pack
  • 15 Painted Backgrounds Pack
  • 10 Psychedelic Worlds Backgrounds
  • 8000+ Wonderful LUTs Bundle
  • 50 After Effects Transitions Pack
  • 60 Premiere Pro Transitions Pack
  • 10 Gas Explosions Pack
  • 200 Ultimate Fonts Bundle
  • Vector Space Creator Bundle
  • 30 Cartoon Explosions Pack
  • 50 Cyberpunk LUTs Pack
  • 25 HitFilm Transitions Pack
  • 25 DaVinci Resolve Transitions Pack
  • 25 Vegas Transitions Pack
  • 50 Fantasy LUTs Pack
  • 100 Epic LUTs Pack
  • 50 Animated Tunnel Loops Pack
  • 100 Film LUTs Pack
  • 20 Animated Paper Backgrounds
  • VHS Effects Bundle
  • 50 Hollywood LUTs Pack
  • 10 Premiere Pro Slideshow Pack
  • And 3 Mystery Products!

Use our No Film School affiliate link to show your support for those in need and expand your capabilities in post. Pay what you want and support vital humanitarian efforts in this time of need.

The bundle ends on April 17, 2022, so don't sleep on this incredible way to support!

Get the NFS + Humble Bundle Filmmakers VFX Pack here.

For more information, visit the Save the Children website

Source: Humble Bundle