In breaking news, IATSE has voted to strike. This is both the result we expected and one we wish never had to happen. Hours on set have gotten brutal and dangerous. If Hollywood will not adjust, this seemed like the inevitable outcome. 

The results, just shared by IATSE, show 90% of eligible union voters cast ballots, with more than 98% of them in support of strike authorization.

Now, a strike day will be set, with all IATSE members halting work on films, TV shows, streaming content, commercials, and more.

There's still time for a new Basic Agreement with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Now that AMPTP sees that IATSE is serious, they should hopefully loosen up. This new deal affects over 60,000 people. 

But let's not get it twisted. All IATSE wants is a safe environment that pays a living wage. Union leaders are asking for more substantial rest periods, higher minimum rates for the lowest-paid crafts, and more streaming compensation and resources for their health and pension plan. That's not much. It should never have gone this far. 

If a strike goes into effect, you'll see TV shows and movies halt production. Depending on how long the strike continues, there might be moving of release date or delays in new seasons of TV shows. You'll see live TV halt and daytime soap operas as well. 

Fear-mongers warn this could mean production leaves the United States and goes where these laws don't cover, but I cannot imagine famous actors and actresses leaving the country to work. It's both inconvenient and unreasonable. Especially for English-language productions and TV series. 

We'll keep you updated as the situation develops.