You heard the buzz, You saw the movie. And like many, you were probably somewhat impressed by the de-aging process like I was. But then, some guy in a basement with free software saw the movie and said: "I can do that."

He was right.

Check out the video from iFake below. 

According to its creator, it took 7 days to make the footage in the video. Sometimes, the results turned out even better with DeepFaceLab

That's kind of wild. 

It also terrifies me about what Deep Fakes hold for the future. 

But let's worry about that on another day. 

What's next? What is ADR and why is it important?

Professional movies have insane budgets, so they better have the best sound. But how can you achieve the same standards for much less? The secret is ADR in film. 

Click to learn. 

Source: iFake