Lens manufacturer Irix has added RF, Z, and L-mount to options to its Cine lens line that includes an 11mm, 15mm, 45mm, and 150mm focal lengths. The manual focus lenses are 8K ready and feature matching iris and focus rings with standard 0.8 mod gears, minimal focus breathing, and a weather-sealed design to ward off any potential dust or precipitation in the field. 

The lenses are also available in PL, EF, MFT, and have been named one of our best options for Sony E cine glass. With these additional mounts, the Irix Cine glass opens the door to new mirrorless cameras without needing an adapter. 

In terms of optical design, nothing has changedonly the bayonet has been adapted to fit natively on the camera body. That said, since these lenses do not support autofocus or the camera's electronics, it might be more advantageous to purchase a mount that can be easily (and cheaply) adapted to other camera bodies.

As of now, there are PL lens adapters available via Wooden Camera, Metabones, Fotodiox, or direct from the lens manufacturers where you can adapt PL lenses to virtually any camera body. Adapting from a Canon RF lens to an L-mount camera body is going to be nearly impossible. The same goes for adapting an L-mount lens to a PL camera body. That said, keep mount type in mind when considering future-proofing your lenses.