Award-Winning Director John Madden Talks Crafting Tension in 'Operation Mincemeat'

Credit: Warner Bros.
Accomplished director John Madden shares his extensive film and radio experience and breaks down the art of storytelling in Operation Mincemeat.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Entering the film industry by way of theater, British television, and radio drama 
  • The overlap of radio film and how rhythm is key to cinematic storytelling 
  • Learning to put story first, script first, sound first as a film director 
  • Operation Mincemeat’s origin and ties to Hitchcock’s The Man Who Never Was
  • Ongoing speculation, conspiracy theories, and the craft of narrative 
  • Recognizing a world unfamiliar with World War II cinematic literature 
  • When a story jumps off a page and attracts the actors you want 
  • The balance of casting from choice actors and leaning on a casting director 
  • Embracing the fact the film will live on a digital platform     

Watch Operation Mincemeat, and read our post on dramatic irony

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1 Comment

Operation Mincemeat was super lame. They took an incredibly interesting story about an undercover operation using false information to trick the germans that also inspired the writing of 007, and instead they hyperfocused on a love triangle that may or may not have even happened. I watched a youtube video on the story a couple of years ago which made me want to watch the movie, and they absolutely butchered it. I can't believe you can have this much cash, talent, and story rights just to squander it away on making up things to add into a way better true story.

May 17, 2022 at 8:34AM, Edited May 17, 8:35AM