We've talked about TheBuffNerds host Jakob Owens and his team over at PrismLensFX who make these awesome, built-in lens effects filters. In fact, this is the third time we've covered his products and we're gonna keep covering them because they're so friggin' dope.

This time around, they've announced their new Kaleidoscope FX filter, which is just a simple screw-on filter that can produce some seriously awesome effects. See for yourself:





Just delicious. 

And here's Jakob Owens with a demo:

I'm really liking PrismLensFX's lens filters. Back in January, they came out with some prisms that you can mount to your camera, and then in March, some lens filters with built-in effects. The Kaleidoscope FX filter seems like a great addition to the FX family, rounding out their offerings with a product that provides bold, eye-catching imagery.

And if they maintain this pace, which I hope they do, maybe we'll see a new lens effects gadget in the next few months. Please.


Key Features

  • 77mm Rotating Filter
  • Creates stunning Kaleidoscope
  • Includes 77mm Filter Pouch
  • Different effects at different focal lengths
  • Recommended Aperture (2.8 / 2 / 1.4)

Currently, the Kaleidoscope FX filter is priced at $75 and is currently available for pre-order. Head on over to PrismLensFX to learn more.

Source: PrismLensFX