Light leaks, lens flares, and other stylish lens effects are relatively easy to create, but filmmaker and BuffNerds host Jakob Owens and his team over at PrismLensFX want to make it even easier.

Earlier this year, the company came out with these interesting mountable prisms that you can just pop right onto your camera rig, allowing users to fashion their own lens effects without the need of specialized tools in post. And now, just a few months later, PrismLensFX has unveiled 3 new variable lens filters that let you capture beautiful in-camera effects.

Here's a promo video that gives you an idea of what these lens filters are all about.

The 3 lens filters PrismLensFX has rolled out are:

  • Prism: creates flare and bokeh effects
  • Chromatic Flare: creates animorphic and streak flares
  • Split Glass:  creates light leak and fractal effects


Redstrip3Shot with the Prism filter

BallShot with the Chromatic Flare filter

Dscf8381Shot with the Split Glass filter

What PrismLensFX has done, essentially, is taken all of the little lens tricks we've used for years, like shooting through prisms and putting string/floss over our lenses, and put them right onto a lens filter.

Since the filters are variable, you're able to rotate them until you're able to get the look you're after. It's not clear from the website, but if you look at the video closely, it appears as though these filters are stackable, as well, can go wild with that.

In this video, Owens talks in-depth about the Chromatic Flare filter, which is designed to create the look of anamorphic lens flares...those long, horizontal lines of light that J.J. Abrams loves so much.

All 3 filters are $75 each, but if you want to get the whole set, you can do it for $ yourself $30.

Keep in mind, though, that it's recommended that you use these lens filters with a telephoto lens, primarily so you don't end up seeing a big ol' prism chunk on the side of your lens.

To learn more, head on over to PrismLensFX.

Source: PrismLensFX