After providing the filmmaking community with tons of excellent guidance on launching music video careersediting music videos, and writing better treatments for projects, filmmaker Jakob Owens of The Buff Nerds has something new and awesome to offer those who want to give their images a little more style and flair.

Owens has officially unveiled his new company, PrismLensFX, which has come out with two specially made prisms that will not only do what prisms do best (create sweet in-camera color and light effects) but also do so without the need of your hands holding it in front of your lens.

It's difficult for anyone to find fresh, new ways to make their work stand out, especially those who work in the kinetically kaleidoscopic medium of music videos. Many filmmakers get creative and shoot through prisms to capture interesting flares and color effects, but until now, you always had to hold the thing out in front of your lens, which is certainly not the most ideal shooting situation in the world.

Owens says:

Myself and my fellow DP and business partner have always used various items in front of the lens to give our visuals (photo and video) unique and artistic looks and finally we decided to create a mounting solution for those items we used because there was nothing for it on the market, thus PrismLensFx was born.





PrismLensFX is currently offering two prisms, the Orb and Triangle, which can be mounted to your camera rig via a custom articulating arm. It also comes with a handle with a 1/4" -20 screw if you feel like going handheld with your prism. 

Here's a breakdown of the price of both prisms, as well as the add-ons. 

  • 80mm Orb Prism (mounted 1/4 20 female): $85
  • 125mm Triangle Prism (mounted 1/4 20 female): $85
  • Handle with 1/4 20 Male Screw: $10
  • 6” Articulating arm with 1/4 20 Male Screw: $60

Each unit comes with a 20cm x 20cm microfiber cleaning cloth with the company logo, along with a microfiber pouch in which to carry your prism. However, if you want to bundle, you can get both prisms and all the add-ons for $195.

Take a look at some of the cool effects you can make with these things:




Of course, an alternative to using prisms to create these effects is to go on a stock effects website, download some assets, and throw them down on your timeline in post. That's a pretty good option if you have no other option, but if you want to give your footage a more realistic look with effects that feel alive and respond to the world around them, then in-camera effects are the way to go. And Owens provides a way to do it with a prism hands-free, which is super...well...handy.

If you're interested in learning more about PrismLensFX or if you're ready to pre-order your prism now, head on over to the website.

Source: PrismLensFX