Yesterday, we found out the iPhone 13 Pro features an all-new Cinematic mode. And let me tell you, we are very excited about it.

So is two-time Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow. She got her hands on the tech early to shoot a really fun short showcasing what the phone can do. 

Spoiler alert, it lets you shift focus from the foreground to the background, has a 3x optical zoom, advanced low-light performance, macro video, advanced stabilization, and it shoots in ProRes. Apple says that "it’s Hollywood in your pocket." 

Check out the short to see if they prove it. 

This is a stunning look at what you can achieve now with an iPhone. We see beautiful action shots, creative angles, amazing color, and the mobility and moveability of shooting with something so light and easy to handle. 

I love when it shifts to the behind-the-scenes takes, and we see people with selfie sticks doing complex camera moves usually reserved for Steadicam operators. It seems wild, but just the ability to rack focus on this phone has changed the game. In a quest to make things look more cinematic, Apple has reached the top of the mountain. 

How long before we see a feature film shot with these? Time will tell. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.