Last year, Kessler Crane came out with the KillShock, a tool you can use to dampen or remove micro-vibrations when shooting from a vehicle, and now, the company has just introduced a smaller version, the KillShock Mini.

The KillShock Mini is pretty much exactly like its big brother in every way...except for its size, of course.

It features an 8" suction cup base that has a 175lb. hold rating, built-in handles, and a plethora of mounting holes for a wide range of different, cameras, tools and mounts, including gimbals from DJI (Ronin S), Moza, Freefly (Movi M5), and Zhiyun.

So, how does it all work?

It's designed with a top plate that offers multiple mounting options, including a built-in Mitchell mount, cheeseplate insert, and 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 tapped holes. The bottom plate has 1" tether strap points so you can attach ratchet straps and safety wife easily, as well as similar center mounting options as the top plate. Both of these work to help absorb movement through the shock modules (those little blue cables) that are mounted to blocks arranged around the plates. Kessler also makes it possible to add even more stability by giving you the option to add a third shock module to each block.


Key Features

  • 8” suction cup base with a hold rating of 175lbs
  • 4x 1” tether points on the bottom plate for ratchet strap tie-downs
  • Holes for carabiner safety wire
  • 4x built-in handles
  • 4x Shock Module Blocks with Blue Light Duty shock modules pre-installed.
  • Optional Red Medium Duty Shock Module Blocks.
  • Option to add a third cable per shock module via the Fine-Tuning Kit Add-On.
  • Mounting holes for Ronin S universal adapter, Kessler HD angle plate, Kessler Kwik Release Receiver, Movi Toad in The Hole (Movi M5 use), mounting holes for speed rail clamps and much much more.

Pricing and Availability

The Kessler KillShock Mini is available now for $699.

Head on over to Kessler Crane to learn more.

Source: Kessler Crane