The new Gemini can easily switch between battery and AC, has no parts to assemble, and is flicker free with no color shift. 

The Gemini 1x1 outputs 60 percent of the 2x1 at 40% of the weight. Not too shabby. Expect to see the Gemini 1x1 on more sets, but also as a mainstay for the no-crew production run-and-gun crowd. 

This video takes a deeper dive into the lighting unit with DP Stefano Ferrari demonstrating it's most exciting features.

Key Features

  • RGBWW LED soft panel
  • Variable Color: Tungsten to Daylight
  • Hue, Saturation, Light Intensity Control
  • Plus / Minus Green Control
  • Firmware Update for Special Effects
  • 6 Litepanels Presets, 6 User Presets
  • Built-in WiFi, DMX, Optional Wireless DMX
  • Bluetooth and SmartLite App Control
  • Built-In AC or Optional Battery Power
  • CRI/TLCI: 97 Daylight, 94 Tungsten





With 557 Lux at 3200k at 10 feet, and 614 LUX at 5600k at the same distance, this light definitely has some power. It's also RGBW, so you can reproduce any color you like, and put out accurate white light. A CRI/TCLI of 97 in daylight and 94 in Tungsten provides excellent color reproduction as well. 

You can now preorder the Gemini 1x1 Soft LED Panel for a touch over $2500.

Here is even more info on the light and its accessories

Source: Adorama