Luma Touch released LumaFusion version 2.3, an update that includes a multiselect function directly in the timeline, the ability to cut, copy, and paste in-between timelines, as well as integration, which is a platform that allows creators to review and approve work all in one place. 

LumaFusion is a popular mobile video editor among creators because of its multi-track magnetic timeline, blend modes, effects, keyframe capable audio, and projects that can be created using different aspect ratios and frame rates. Unlike version 2.2, which added XML export support for Final Cut Pro for a one time fee of $19, version 2.3 is completely free. 

The multiselect function is exactly what it sounds like. It allows users to select an entire range of clips in the timeline, and those clips can be dragged to a new location, copied, deleted, or have a number of attributes applied. With this latest cut, copy, and paste feature, multiple clips can be selected and added to a new location or another project saving you time when starting a new timeline. 

LumaFusion has also been integrated with and allows creators with a account to collaborate and review notes without leaving the program. According to Luma Touch, the integration allows editors to see comments and annotations from source media and then reply directly from the LumaFusion preview window. It's important to note that only LumaFusion media can be transferred, but new comments can be added to the timeline at any point allowing for real-time feedback. 

With, the collaborative review tools can save valuable time in post. While on the topic of, you may have started to notice that the company is everywhere. Part of the company's growth strategy is to integrate its service into as many products as it can. If filmmakers are not signing up directly to, by adding it into another product, it increases the chances of that creator using it. The strategy is nothing new, but will it eventually drive the price up to use in the future? 

Right now, costs $19/month for a single user and $49/month for three users. When an entity essentially becomes the only option, it can control the market. It's a space worth watching. 

LumaFusion version 2.3 is available to download in the Apple app store. For new users, the software is priced at $29.99.