Luma Touch is paving the way for filmmakers to edit their videos on mobile devices with high-quality, easy-to-use software. The company has decided to bolster its flagship video editor, LumaFusion, which features multi-track editing, a magnetic timeline, tons of audio tools and effects, as well as many project management and sharing options, with an update that gives users new effects with Blend Modes, new aspect ratio and resolution support, as well as iOS 13 external drive support that lets you access and transfer files much easier.

Check out this video from Luma Touch to get a better idea of all the new features included in the LumaFusion 2.1 update.

LumaFusion is already one of the best (if not the best) mobile options for video editing out there. Right away users will be drawn in by the multi-track, magnetic timeline, but this new update gives editors the tools that you'd usually only expect to see in a professional, uh, non-mobile NLE. 

The 27 new Blend Modes and support for various iOS 13 functionalities are enticing, but the new ability to connect to an external drive to import and export files is huge.


Here's a full list of all the items included in the update.


  • Blend Modes. 27 blend modes enable incredible new effects. Select blend modes in the Frame & Fit editor under Blending.
  • iOS 13 External drive support fully integrated in the Library. Select the new Files source in the Library, then tap "Add Link To Folder" to connect to any external drive or other app's shared folder. Browse, preview trim, and add media to your projects. Press-and-hold on a linked folder to remove it at any time.
  • iOS 13 System font selector with support for App Store installed fonts (in addition to custom fonts imported directly in LumaFusion).
  • Aspect ratios and resolutions added to support the newest iPhones and iPads for creating App Store Previews.
  • Export to Weibo.



  • iOS 13 Improved Dark Mode support.
  • Two-finger swipe left and right in preview to select previous and next item in library for efficient previewing of clips.
  • Single tap preview to play/pause.
  • Long-press to remove Network Drive servers in the import and export popovers.
  • The export settings now default to recommended settings. You can tap to switch to the "last-used" settings for a particular destination.
  • Improved export performs multiple attempts to properly export every project.
  • Improved project package format (lfpackage).
  • Dozens of user interface refinements.


  • Level meters show accurate peaks.
  • Library search now includes text and colors from markers.
  • Improved stability and performance.

For more information about the LumaFusion, as well as the 2.1 update head on over here. If you're ready to take LumaFusion for a spin, you can purchase it in the App Store for $30.

Source: LumaTouch