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When it comes to tripods, durability, stability, and ease-of-use are some of the most important features to get right. Filmmakers want to be able to set their expensive camera systems on top of sticks that can not only handle the payload but can also be adjusted quickly and easily to speed up production.  

Manfrotto has paid particular attention to these qualities in its newest tripods, the 645 FAST Twin and 635 FAST single tripods, which boast their own unique and innovative locking systems for quick setup, as well as robust designs that can handle beefy, pro-level camera packages.

Check out Manfrotto's promo video for the FAST tripod line.

Now, let's take a look at the features for the 645 FAST Twin and 635 FAST Single tripods, as well as the 504X Fluid Video Head.

645 FAST Twin Tripod

Capable of handling up to 55 lbs., this tripod has a variety of features filmmakers can get excited about. The ULTRA L_LOCK system allows you to flip a single lever lock on each of the double-tubed legs to extend every section at once to the desired length. That beats loosening and tightening a lock on each section of your tripod's legs.

Also, the leg angle can be adjusted quite easily with the angle selector, which not only makes quick work of spreading out the tripod but it also makes the use of a spreader entirely optional.

  • ULTRA L_LOCK locking system
  • Double-tubed legs
  • 100mm half ball, compatible with a 75mm half ball adapter
  • 3-angle selection mechanism
  • Spiked feet with rubber overshoes
  • 55 lb. payload capacity
  • Comes in carbon fiber or aluminum
  • Max/Min. height: 61.8" (157 cm)/10.6" (27 cm)
  • Price

Manfrotto 645 FAST Twin TripodManfrotto 645 FAST Twin Tripod

635 FAST Single Tripod

Despite a few slight differences in design, the 635 FAST Single tripod is actually very similar to its bigger brother, the 645. The 635 also features the angle selector and an innovative locking system, EXTRA M_LOCK, but instead of lever locks, it utilizes twist locks that release the entire leg at once for faster deployment.

This tripod supports up to 44 lbs., is made of lightweight carbon fiber, and has spiked feet for added stability.

  • EXTRA M_LOCK locking system
  • 75mm half ball, compatible with a 60mm half ball adapter
  • Compatible with Manfrotto anti-rotation and ARRI anti-twist pins
  • Spiked feet with rubber overshoes
  • 44 lb. payload capacity
  • Carbon fiber build
  • Max/Min. height: 61.02" (155cm)/11.2" (28.5cm)
  • Price: $749.99

635 FAST Single Tripod635 FAST Single Tripod

504X Fluid Video Head

Manfrotto didn't stop at tripods. The company also released a follow-up to its popular 504 head, the 504X. Not only is this aluminum head smaller and lighter than its predecessor, but it's just as robust, capable of carrying a payload of over 26 lbs.

The placement of several tools has changed, as well. The variable pan fluidity dial and tilt locking knob have been placed in areas that make them easier to use and access. Another great feature is the 4-step counterbalance system, which allows you to set up and balance a wide range of different cameras.

  • New catching design with flat base in order to be quickly moved from a tripod to a slider or other shooting tools
  • 4 steps CBS up to 14.3 lbs (6,5kg)
  • Fluidity continuously adjustable on both PAN & TILT axis
  • New easy link connectors with anti-rotation pins
  • New Side Lock Sliding Plate (quick release)
  • New fluid technology (Working Temperature -22°F to 140°F)
  • Illuminated Bubble level
  • 26.5 lbs payload capacity
  • Price: $399

Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video HeadManfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head

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