The new 300XM stabilizer from Manfrotto allows you to do a whole host of things, including getting more height with the GimBoom and doing things like rigging more easily to a car or bicycle.

But one clever integration that it's worth spending a bit of time on, especially as we continue to work with socially distanced sets, is combining the head of the 300XM with a tripod to make a simple, affordable, robust remote head to get you a little further from your actors.


By splitting the control stick off from the stabilized head, and putting the stabilizer head on a tripod, you can give yourself an extra six feet of distance away from the set.

This can be in any direction, so you can move six feet back if you want just more distance from performers or subjects, or six feet to the side if there is a worry about danger for the camera, such as stunt work. All while still having intuitive control of pan, tilt, and even focus.


Even better, the 300XM has an integrated feature for marking A and B positions to easily replicate moves. So, let's say you are doing some stunt work, maybe breaking glass for a composite shot. You can use those pre-programmed positions, and the slider on a locked tripod, to replicate the move so you can composite multiple takes together.

This way you can do a take with an actor, then another take with the actor clear for plate work, and then another take with the stunt or effect, all efficiently repeated. All while standing back from the camera and creating greater safety for the camera operator.


The combination gets even better when you integrate the Syrp Genie II Linear into the mix.

If you've worked on a documentary or interview set-up in the last few years, you know that a single camera is basically never enough to feel like you are giving post everything they need to edit. Generally, it's great to have a wide and a close from the front, then a slider from another angle getting a moving camera shot on repeat for real post-production flexibility.

By putting the 300XM on a Genie II Linear, you can easily move the camera back and forth on a slider, and use the remote to keep the shot well framed and control focus, all without having to crowd in and around a subject. 


By combining this with the Move Ecosystem, set-ups are even easier and, best of all, faster.

Let's say you want to pop that slider off the tripod and onto the ground or a table for a different angle. Just twist the Move receiver ring, and the slider pops off with a quick snap, and you are able to move the whole set-up to another angle.

You can rig another Move receiver between the Genie II Linear and the 300XM to make moving into and out of slider mode altogether a quick snap. You can get more shots, and a wider variety of shots, faster and with a smaller crew, which is vital to work safely these days.


This gets really fast since the Move system works not just with flat mount tripods but also with ball mount tripods by using an adapter. You don't have to bend over to get a precise level. Rough-in the level on the sticks, then use the ball adapter for that final bit of level before getting whatever accessory you are using set up and ready to go.

The ability to do this at this price point and with these features was a dream just a few short years ago. Who would have thought that it was as simple as adding a battery to the stabilizer head so you can split off the base and control the camera from further away?

Have you tried these set-ups? Tell us in the comments.


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