is a file delivery platform that is growing in popularity among filmmakers thanks to a host of tools that are clearly focused on the needs of media creators. 

The biggest feature is that it moves media files around five times as fast as Dropbox, a service that is great for smaller files but really clogs up when trying to deliver dailies. With there is finally an affordable option for doing that digitally instead of just shipping a hard drive. 

On top of that, bills not by subscription, but by gigabyte; use it to deliver files for a job, pay for it, and assign that cost to the job, which helps keep accounting clear. also focuses on completing transfers even with interruption; nothing is worse then getting halfway through an upload and your WiFi cuts out and the whole thing cancels, is designed to continue even if you move location to location (from set to the office, say) or otherwise disconnect your signal. They haven't rested on just being super fast, however, and continue to roll out new tools for filmmakers, including the new Premiere Pro panel.

Integrated directly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 and up, the new tool allows the sharing of full projects, project sequences, files, and folders directly from within the app. You can choose to preview edits before they are sent (for maximum QC reliability), or just automatically send when a render is finished, as you might do with a trusted collaborator impatiently waiting for an edit. 

With the new Slack integration, your collaborators can get a Slack notification about the instant dailies, timelines, or final edits finishing loading to the Cloud or to their local storage.  Considering the speed of file delivery, this offers a very realistic toolset for multiple team members to truly work together remotely on a project in an affordable fashion.


Of course, the big competitor this is up against is, the work-in-progress review tool that also has direct integration with Premiere, along with a host of other programs. However, pricing is pretty stiff for data storage. Generally, most teams that use it have to stay on top of how much they keep stored up in the Cloud, and it's a tool really built around the notes process more than around big dailies files. is built around moving large data around on a per-project basis and breaks out your billing based not on subscription, but on what you actually use. If you are working on a project with a team member in another time zone, Masv.Io should offer a great toolset for keeping those projects synced up to each other as quickly as possible and making the billing as clear as possible. You'll only pay for moving the 500GB dailies the first time you move them over, then from there, you'll only be billed for the individual things you share and not keep paying for the full 500GB of storage. For many workflows, this will be an appreciated model.


Hopefully, this will lead to some new tools rolling out from for Media Composer, Final Cut, and Resolve. Considering how slick the integration was at NAB, we can hopefully see something like that from, too.

Key Features

  • Direct integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and up
  • Share individual clips, timelines, or whole projects
  • Background render and share
  • Pay per gigabyte for data used
  • Extended delivery times
  • Slack integration
  • Price: $0.25/GB

You can learn more on the site or download the Adobe Plugin on Exchange.