With Frame.io actually housed in DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio, users will be able to easily access their Frame.io accounts, teams, and projects with the DaVinci Resolve Media tab. Any Frame.io clips added to the Media Pool are automatically downloaded for use in the project—it’s even possible to start cutting while the full resolution file is being downloaded in the background. Resolve will automatically swap the proxy with the full resolution file.

Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of Frame.io, says, "The synchronization between Frame.io and DaVinci Resolve is incredible; you can collaborate with others from within the DaVinci Resolve timeline without needing to switch contexts." With this new integration, comments, notes and replies are automatically synced to the DaVinci Resolve timeline. Your collaborators will see all notes you make in Davinci Resolve in Frame.io. Plus, their response will show up in your timeline.

Media exports are also streamlined. Timelines can be rendered, batch uploaded and synced at the same time to Frame.io. The video review platform in Davinci Resolve 16 Studio is available in open beta and can be downloaded here.

The Frame.io Developer Platform

Frame.io also launched the Frame.io Developer Platform today. There are three ways to plug into the Frame.io API:

  • Build a video workflow customized to your needs
  • Plug into an integration built by a Frame.io partner
  • Quickly connect Frame.io to over 1,300 apps with Zapier.

The Frame.io Developer Platform is available today. To learn more please visit https://frame.io. Watch: What is Frame.io?

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