When I say I can't wait for Matrix 4, I mean it. It debuts Dec. 22 on HBO Max, and I have already thought about cryogenically freezing myself for the next year just to get there. I love the original trilogy, even the messy bits, and I can't wait to see the return to this universe. 

This movie is going to be another insane blockbuster.The Matrix 4 cast includes Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Lambert Wilson, Neil Patrick Harris, and Daniel Bernhardt.

Part of the reason I am so excited is all of the cool filmmakers raving about what they've seen on set. Stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski spoke to Collider and raved about Lana Wachowski getting down and dirty with this movie, shooting all the action scenes herself. 

“What makes [Lana] so great is she directs her own action,” Stahelski said. “We’ve had second unit directors on some of the [Matrix films] just because of the logistics involved. But of late, and especially on Matrix 4, she’s directing her own action. The second units for them are mostly establishing shots, the B-sides of some of the compositions for some locations. But Lana, she does her own action. She weaves it into the main unit stuff, which is why their stuff looks so good.”

Stahelski described the movie as “incredibly fun" and added, “I think if you’re a fan of the original trilogy you’re gonna love this. It’s coming back with a vengeance.”

He's not the only one talking. Neil Patrick Harris told Variety that even though this is a huge movie, his scene felt intimate.

"It didn’t feel large because it felt like she was in her sweet spot, which was filming on the fly, filming using natural light. Sometimes you’d sit around for an hour waiting for the clouds to clear, and then you’d quickly film. You’d film pages at a time in 30 minutes and then be done."

He also said, “You would think that a giant movie would be 100% storyboarded, animatics, and we’d be checking off shots. I think she lived that before three times over, and I would suspect that she wants to do things her own way now. It wasn’t often that you felt that you were doing something gigantic because she made it feel very intimate.”

We have no idea what the title will be, aside from the fact that it definitely won't be Matrix 4. The one I've seen floating around is The Matrix Resurrections.

Regardless of what they call it, I can't wait to return to the world and see what's in store. Let me know what you think in the comments.